Fixed matches 100% safe picks - Big odds and huge gains

Fixed matches 100% safe picks - Big odds and huge gains

2018 Jun 18

Are there fixed matches for sports betting?

Many punters ask us, "Do you think there are fixed matches for sports betting?" Yes, we think there are, and if we investigate a little, we can also find them. It has nothing to do with an insider telling us they sold the game.

For example: towards the end of the season, there are sometimes situations where a certain outcome would benefit both teams. Some teams negotiate from the start to win every time they play at home or away, depending on where the bigger bonuses are. This can happen to middle-ranked teams who want to stay in the current league.

There are still cases where a big team plays with a small team and, whatever the outcome, the big team has nothing to lose; in those cases, the points are sold, or the teams are asked to return the favour with an easy match in the next championship. So you have to analyse the suspect results and follow what is going on for several seasons.

Let's not forget about the case when both teams need points, but one gives in and the other one makes a deal with another team to help the losing team. They may make behind the scenes arrangements, and yes there are fixed matches in our opinion.

Some of you will want to say that bookmakers also arrange matches now and then. Just imagine that after a match where Real Madrid loses to a lower league team, the bookmaker would have a profit of millions or even tens of millions of euros!

Internet Scams

Truth is that some punters are crazy after fixed matches. They want to have quick and big gains, but especially to be sure they will not take any risk. If it were so easy we would all be millionaires in euros. We all dream of winning the lottery or sports betting. That's why we get to bet our last penny and hope that now is the moment of glory that will fill our pockets. In the worst case, we get into debt, hoping we will win enough to cover our debts and return to the peaceful living. A huge mistake that no punter should make.

In their attempt to get some money to bet, some people have decided to scam other people for money. Some simply saw an opportunity in the ignorance of some punters and decided to take advantage of it. We really do not care about everybody's motive: the scope is a common one, to scam people into giving them money, as they have 100% sure information about a fixed match.

If you are a punter and have a Facebook account, follow a few pages and groups on Facebook or follow certain forums and specialised sites, you can see how the number of tipsters who sell 100% safe picks for fixed matches has increased. You are even bombed with pictures of incredible bets of hundreds or even thousands of euros, prompting the brain to dream of those imaginary gains.

Punters are tricked into buying information about fixed matches and safe picks

Most money in gambling is made during times of crisis or where there is great poverty. In such times, money is made by bookmakers, not by punters. There are also exceptions, here we are talking about professional punters who manage to make an attractive profit in the long term by becoming a source of inspiration for other punters.

Unfortunately, many people who are eager to get rich today, right now, if they can, are tricked every day into buying tips for fixed matches. The smart guys, who fear no law or God, take advantage of the naivety of punters who really think they can buy information about a fixed match on the internet.

Why would someone sell info about a fixed match?

It may cross your mind to ask these guys why they don’t bet their money on fixed matches and make a fortune. Or why they are wasting their time on the internet trying to convince people to pay money for such information. The smart guys have the right answer to almost any question. This is how they will fool you:

- I do not have enough money

You don’t say! How on earth, a broke guy like you, got a fixed match! Really? This is one of the most pathetic excuses for selling the tip.

- I won too much, the bookmaker blocked my account

As if there are no other bookmakers in this world! And if you did win too much, how come you’re still online trying to convince a sucker to buy your tips?

- I can’t win, I am a relative of somebody from the team

No way! Don’t you have a friend to bet for you and pay him a commission? Of course you don’t, you’re a scammer!


What is the price of safe picks ?

Lately, we’ve received messages like:

  •  I have safe picks for you, are you interested

  •  I got a safe tip from a friend and I can give it to you if you want

  •  Do you want to make money? My sources tell me it’s a fixed match. 

  •  I have a fixed match from a Bulgarian, I have made big money with tips from this guy before, are you interested

  •  I have a friend in Ukraine, he's a footballer, he told me they would fix the match, are you interested?

If you show you are interested, they will come up with a price. Whatever you ask them, they already have an answer, they have specialised over time, and more, some come up with modified images or pages to show how credible they are. They have such a credibility that many people fall for it right away. If you tell them that it is a trick, a scam, they will not believe you: they have seen the money and the winning slips (in the picture) with their own eyes.

Their prices vary from € 5 to € 500, those chasing big gains ask even a few thousand euros. Regardless of the amount, if it were true, it wouldn’t matter if you paid 5 Euros or 5,000 because you would win much more after the bet anyway, right? In theory, it sounds good, it’s a pity that in practice it's all a big scam

Why you should not bet on fixed matches ?

As we have discussed so far, the disadvantages of betting on fixed matches are many and equally justified. Any good punter can figure out that many of the fixed matches are just lies told by those who want to make a profit from you.

That's why, even when you really want to win, the alternative of the fixed matches is not the most appropriate and does not guarantee that you will have the winnings you want for a very long time. The ones who are already in the betting business have received messages about fixed matches and possible gains. And many trust what the so-called specialists say because it is often easier and does not require attention and documentation before betting.

Why not trust Facebook messages or ads received by email or phone?

Because many of these may come either from bookmakers who want to win from your hasty decisions (conspiracy theory) or from individuals who mislead gamblers. Many of them also apply fees for 100% safe match tips, which they say they have. Moreover, there is no logic in these people selling these tips when they themselves can place those bets and grab the big prize. Fixed matches are rare because even if certain high-level arrangements are made, they will not be revealed to the public. And even if it's a less important match, no results will be revealed to be final either. The times of crisis we are going through are the most favourable for spreading certain rumours about fixed matches, because in their rush for easy money people tend to give credit to unauthorised persons.

Try to be as pragmatic as possible when you get such suggestions about the possibility to identify the fixed matches currently being played and the odds you have to bet. Try to objectively analyse the Facebook pages you are tracking, as well as the tips you buy, because many of those come from unauthorised persons. Be smart! Make smart betting decisions!

Why do you bet ? Passion, business or lottery?

Even if you do not have money, do not build castles in the air. We know people who started out with 2-3 euros and got thousands and it did not happen just once. Betting is a hobby, but unfortunately many want to make money of it and forget that when you want to make money you have two chances. One is to play the lottery and be aware that the chances to get lucky are almost zero, especially with high odds bets that can take away all you have in the blink of an eye. Another chance is to see everything as a business where you make risky investments. In the case of a business, nobody will take the risk of losing money on high odds.

We have written several articles in the hope that they will be further distributed so that real information can reach every punter. Do not wait for someone to put money in your pockets, you can do it yourself.

All you need is to get informed and understand what sports betting is about or you can get SOME HELP form our bettin experts in the Paid Betting Tips section.
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