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French League 1 has always been in the shadow of the more successful Big Five championships. This is reflected not only in the popularity of the championship, but also in the successes of the French teams in the international arena. Representatives of France won the Champions League (Marcel in 2003) and 4 more teams reached the final of the tournament (the last time Monaco in 2004). Despite the fact that PSG in recent years is one of the main contenders for victory in the league, now and a gain the team stumbles in the early stages of the playoffs.
The level of teams in Ligue 1 is so low that in the table of UEFA coefficients the championship was able to outstrip even the Portuguese championship. For Ligue 1 to reach the level of the Premier League or the Bundesliga, it is necessary that the teams do not let their leaders go to more prestigious championships, but so far the championship of France is considered only as a donor for the representatives of the clubs of La Liga and the Premier League.

The bets on the games of Ligue 1 are good in that there are many sources of information on the Internet that will help you analyse the matches. Almost every team in League 1 has an uncomfortable opponent, even the wealthy from Paris. Therefore, it is always worth doing pre-match analysis and paying special attention to the last personal meetings. In general, it is worth noting that often the grandees lose points with the underdogs.
Another point in the odds for the French Championships is that the Champions League members play poorly in the championship before and after the Champions League. This is typical for all European grandees, playing in the Champions League, but in Ligue 1 this trend is most pronounced.
Also, League 1 is attractive in terms of odds and bet limits. Each major bookmaker gives a wide list to the matches of the championship. If you bet with several bookmakers, then the margin for the games of League 1 will be minimal. This season promises to be incredibly interesting.

Ligue 1 Live Table

Live Table

In the tournament 20 teams take part, of which the first 3 places fall into the Champions League, places 3 to 6 are selected to the Europa League, and the last three places go to the lower division (League 2).

The most titled teams:


The championship is characterised by a very high density both in the upper part of the table and in the zone of struggle for survival. Outsiders of the tournament can easily take points from any team, except PSG. Matches of the championship often end with a draw.
For the teams in the middle of the table the most popular scenario of the game is a draw in the first half / draw in the match.
In the first matches of the season, you should not bet on the favourites of the last championship.
Teams in France are not stable, after a bright game in one season, often a failure follows in the next.
If we compare League 1 with other Big Five championships, then immediately there is an absence of a team that by titles would exceed other clubs.  In Germany there is Bavaria, in Italy - Juventus, in England Liverpool and Manchester United, in Spain Real Madrid and Barcelona, and in France there is no such club that has been in the lead positions for decades. In the 90 years, League 1 was called the most unpredictable championship.
 For 10 years the champion of the country became Marseille, PSG, Auxerre, Monaco, Bordeaux, Nantes and Lance. Then came the era of Lyon, who won his first tournament in the 2001-02 season, and then immediately took six more championships in a row. Now in France in all respects strongly stands out PSG. The team has almost unlimited financial resources, which are very different from those of other clubs. Last season, the difference between PSG and runner-up Lyon was 29 points. The total dominance of the Parisian club does not benefit the championship, but in the coming years hardly any team will be able to compete with it. Before the beginning of the next season, you can safely bet on the victory of PSG, for which bookmakers offer extremely low odds.

Team of the Week

Team of the Week

The best scorers of the championship of France are often representatives of other countries.
Usually, after a successful season, the player is redeemed in a more representative championship, so almost every year, Ligue 1 has different characters. Last years the tone in the championship was set by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but for sure after this season the player will leave PSG.
Of the other teams, you can distinguish Alexandre Lacazette, but he, too, probably will not stay long in the championship of France. Good chances for victory in the scorers race has Michy Batshuayi, who looks very good not only at the level of the current Marseille, but also at the championship level in general. Also, probably Edinson Cavani will claim the top scorer title and the player who will replace Ibrahimovic.

Top scorers of La Ligue:

    Edinson Cavani
    Radamel Falcao
    Kilian Mbappe
    Mario Balotelli
    Valer Germain
    Memphis Depay
    Nicolas de Preville
    Dimitri Payet

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