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If you are looking for a championship that will be interesting not only in terms of odds, but also in terms of entertainment, then the Bundesliga is best suited for this purpose. There are many gifted players, interesting coaches and stories of confrontation between teams, the making the Bundesliga the most vivid, interesting and unpredictable European championship. The breakthrough of Leipzig, who finished second, defeating Borussia from Dortmund, Hoffenheim's progress to the Champions League, the reincarnation of Werder after the winter break, the struggle for the survival of Wolfsburg, the stability of Hertha, the stubbornness of the goats from Cologne, Freiburg's passage to the Europa League, the Schalke crisis, Borussia from Gladbach, Mainz. And many other interesting things, the German Championship played new colours and it's not surprising that the expectations for the season are very high. The league is relatively predictable, all the teams are motivated without exception and will play every match until the last second. Speaking of the last seconds - in the Bundesliga traditionally no more than three minutes of compensated time are added even if there were stops in the game. This should be taken into account by players who plan to "catch goals" in the end fights.
You also need to remember that the championship is fairly even. Outsiders often beat famous rivals. In this case, do not rely on the name - remember when Bayer, Schalke, Gladbach and Wolfsburg could not even get into the Europa League! As always, as it happens for all the other major leagues, maximum attention on the situation of the teams, on injured, disqualified and probable teams. You will be given statistics and historical data that at certain times can tip the scales. Before the implementation of football odds, do not forget to get acquainted with the opinions of experts who can be found on the internet - analysts regularly publish accurate forecasts for the German Football Championship. Like all leagues, even the Bundesliga must be studied in detail, just so, following our predictions, at the end of the season you can say that you have hit Germany!

Bundesliga Live Table

Live Table

18 clubs participate in the tournament. The teams hold each 2 meetings (34 rounds in total). The first 4 teams are selected to the Champions League, the teams taking seats from 5 to 7 are in the Europa League, and the last two teams are going to the lower division. The team, which took the 16th place, plays 2 matches with the club that took 3rd place in the second Bundesliga (the winner will play in the Bundesliga of the new season).

The most titled teams:

Borussia Dortmund

The Bundesliga is one of the most successful European championships, along with the Dutch championship.
Usually the teams here play on TB 2.5, so bookmakers give low odds to this market. If in other championships we see a total of 2.5 in the main line, then here it is usually 3.5.
A notable feature of the championship is that strong teams often fail. It is impossible to imagine in the Premier League that the winners of the last 10-15 years should fly out of the championship. In the Bundesliga Werder and Stuttgart, the teams that won in the seasons 2003-04 and 2006-07, are in the relegation zone and last year the strong Hamburg left the championship. In addition to Bavaria and partly Borussia, there are no teams showing stable results in the Bundesliga.
If in the first decade of this century the victory of Bayern alternated with the victories of other clubs, in the last 4 years the Munichers did not leave a chance to their competitors.
10-15 years ago, the champion scored an average of 65-75 points, and now Bayern Munich is gaining 90 points per year, so the difference in the class between Bayern and other teams of the Bundesliga is so high.
Borussia Dortumund is the only team that somehow contradicts the Bavarians, but the financial possibilities of the club are not so wide, so its leaders are sent annually to Munich. In the coming years, we can only expect the continuation of the dominance of the "reds."

Team of the Week

Team of the Week

In the German Championship there is less money than in the Premier League and La Liga, there are no such spoilers as in Serie A and Ligue 1, respectively, Milan and PSG, so the transfer market here is not rich in events, but nevertheless every summer there are many interesting deals. There are a lot of high class strikers in the tournament, each of them can become the top scorer but German football players are not favourites in this race. Over the past 10 years, German football players became the best scorers of the tournament only three times. It is also noteworthy that the middle field players are often the best goalscorers. Only in recent years, the players of Bochum, Eintracht and Nuremberg, the teams that do not even fight for the UEFA zone, have won in the dispute of the scorers. This is explained by the fact that in Bavaria and Borussia there are too many high-class players, who dispute goals among themselves, and in weak teams usually there is one strong striker who does the job.  Now the first one in the Bundesliga is Robert Lewandowski, who can already be attributed to world-class stars. The competition for him in the following seasons will be his team-mate Thomas Muller and another discovery of Borussia - Pierre-Emerik Aubameyang. It is also possible that a football player of any other team will “score”. It is better not to bet on this market in the preseason, as it is very difficult to predict the final ranking of the scorers of this tournament. However, last season, most of the goals were scored by the Gabonese Pierre-Emerik Aubameyang. Before the start of the new championship, Obama is the second in chances for a gold boot. The main favourite is the Polish Robert Lewandowski. Timo Werner from Leipzig closes the top three candidates.

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Robert Lewandowski
    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
    Timo Werner
    Thomas Muller
    Mario Gomez
    Hames Rodriguez
    Guido Burgstaller
    Arjen Robben
    Jean-Kevin Augustin
    Marco Royce

In our opinion, it is advisable to bet on Lewandowski. Bayern Munich’s striker is considered one of the best goalscorer in the world, became the best scorer of the Bundesliga twice, while as a player of different teams - Borussia D and Bavaria. So the bet on Robert Lewandowski looks quite profitable.

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