How to beat the bookmakers

How to beat the bookmakers

2018 Apr 28

If you‘re reading this you certainly want to win sports bets. Yet, to succeed you need to develop some skills and
comply with the rules. Basically, when you are placing a bet you are in competition with the bookmakers, who offer
certain odds for your selection. This article will give you some useful advice on how to beat the bookmakers.

Get informed and analyze the events you bet on

Analysis and research of sporting events represent the first step any profitable bettor should take. Without proper
information you have no chance against bookmakers, who are backed up by teams of statisticians, who analyze all the events in detail and thus set the odds they offer for betting. Although researching and collecting information take a lot of time, this is the only way you can select the winning bets.

Make value bets

Like I said before, in most cases bookmakers set the odds very well, as they have access to important information
regarding the events in their offer. Therefore, to start with an advantage over the bookmakers you need to select only value bets, that is the odds of which real chance to be successful is higher than the one bookmakers anticipate.
The selection of such odds is closely related to research, as this is the only way you can properly estimate the real
chances for a successful bet. Even if at first sight you will say that the odds are not so important, in the long run you will see that value bets make the difference between gain and loss. No matter how good a bet may seem, always
analyze if the related offered odds can become value bets.

Be persistent, think in the long run

Most bettors jump to conclusions only after a few days or weeks of betting. Sports betting is not an exact science,
therefore each bettor will go through better and worse times. This must be looked at as a long term investment. You need to analyze a longer period to see some aspects and come to the right conclusions. You need to stay calm, be persistent, and continue in the same manner over a longer period even if the results are not satisfactory. You will see that you will eventually stand to gain. Manage the budget and adopt a betting strategy. It is very important to have a plan, to know exactly what steps you need to take. Most bettors are erratic, lack purpose, and, obviously, lose money. To be a successful bettor you need, first of all, to adopt a betting strategy you must follow. This requires proper money management, which is again something not familiar to most bettors. Depending on your budget and expectations, which have to be realistic, you need to establish a betting strategy, a target, and do proper stake management.

Watch and bet on live sports events

Apart from the pre-match analysis, which has to be consistent and consider the main aspects, watching live streamed events is as beneficial. As most bookmakers offer live streaming services, it is very easy to watch the games you are interested in. This way you can get an idea on the game development and it will be much easier to choose the winning bets. Yet mind the live betting platform, as it can be a trap to some bettors. Bet in moderation and only on events you can watch. Although bookmakers will never lose, as they modify the odds such that they ensure profit, each bettorʼs purpose is to win. If you take into account the above advice you have all the chances to beat the bookmaker and make profit.
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