How to tell until half time if the team you bet on will lose

2018 Jun 18

How do you figure out by the end of the first half if the team you bet on the pre-match will lose? There are some key elements you can take into consideration before and during the match, which will give you a clear indication of whether the team you bet on will win or not. This article will show you the most important 4 factors, and if you follow the advice then you should be able to have a pretty accurate opinion until the end of the first half.

1. A new coach

Even if a new coach can not improve the gameplay overnight, he could get better results than before in the short run. Usually, when the technical staff changes, players try to impress the new coach, and so they will play with more dedication than they did before. In addition, the moral factor also occurs; players could be disappointed after a series of negative outcomes, but the arrival of a new coach is a good reason to have hope and confidence again in their own potential. Not only the players will welcome the new manager with enthusiasm but also the spectators.Interestingly, improvements often occur but only in the short term. In most cases, the team calms down after a few matches and starts to have the same performance they had before. Of course, this differs from case to case. However, regardless of whether you have a betting system based on different statistics and information or you simply bet on according to your intuition, you have to keep in mind that a new coach has come and so the team's evolution can be surprising.


Bookmakers consider that the arrival of a new coach will have a negative impact, not a positive one. This is sometimes reflected in odds but not always. This happens because bettors are of the opinion that a new coach will have a positive influence in the short term. So they will bet on this team, and its odds for a victory may drop. You need to understand this before betting.

2. A team that is not bothered about losing

There are teams with a very long series of negative results that sometimes do not even manage to score a goal for 5-6 matches in a row (sometimes even more). Of course, such situations happen most often in the case of weaker teams. These teams are not too "afraid" to lose, and often they will give up in the first half. However, if they manage an equal result in the first half, then they will work hard to keep that score until the end. On the other hand, if such a team is already lead 0-2 at the half time and never managed to recover from such a situation then it will probably admit defeat and will not make too much effort to improve the result. Under the given conditions, the situation could get worse.Teams completely out of shape who lose many matches in a row might follow rather strange strategies. You will see midfielders trying to score from 20-30 meters or you will see balls shot from their own half directly to the striker, in the idea that he will make a miracle. Some teams follow such strategies because they do not trust their own potential and think they better push their fortune than trying to build something because they know they have a small chance to defeat their opponent.


Bookmakers do not really take these issues into account because they have no reason to do so. They take into account statistics, so they see that a team is going through a bad period and returns after many negative outcomes. However, each team gets out of the tight corner sooner or later. If you see an improvement in the team's gameplay (even if it still does not get a good result), then you could bet a smaller amount on a win, especially since the odds offered will certainly be very tempting. Sooner or later the team still has to beat someone and maybe you're lucky to bet exactly at that time.

3. Motivation

There are teams that lose many games in a row because they simply lack the motivation to do their best. There are bettors who take into account the team's motivation, their argument being that even if a team is more valuable than their opponent, it can not win if the team is not motivated. Of course, you should not rely on this, because there are many experienced teams that play badly and still win, because they have a genius player who makes the difference.Motivation can be misleading and can often be associated with additional pressure.


It is good to take into consideration a team’s motivation down to a point, but think about whether there is a possibility of negative effects just because of too much motivation. If it is a decisive match, does the team have the necessary experience to manage the situation correctly?

4. Look for some recurring trends

For example, you have bet on a team to win the match, but you are not sure that this will happen, as the team faced some defensive problems in past matches. Look at the first half and see if those problems persist and the defenders continue to make mistakes. If defensive players seem pretty sure of themselves and do not make mistakes, then you can place your bet. But if you see that one or more defenders make elementary mistakes, then you could use the cash out option.Or maybe you have bet on a team that it will score at least two goals, but in the past you noticed that its performance depends on the progress of the attacking midfielder. When he has a good day, his team scores many goals but otherwise the team fails to score. You could see how this player plays in the first 45 minutes, and, depending on the score on the table and his performance, you can make a decision.


Identify those things that have decided in the past the fate of certain matches and which could also influence the course of the match you bet on. Watch out if these trends are repeated in the first half of the match, and depending on this, decide what you do with your bet.If none of this tips helps your betting strategy please fell free to visti our VIP Tips page for some " killer betting tips "