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Series A in the early 21st century was considered one of the strongest and richest leagues in the world, Italian clubs regularly achieved success on the Euroarena, and the stars preferred to go to Italy, and not England. Everything has changed since the mid-2000s, when the Italian Championship came in troubled times, which led to a permanent decline in the league level. The glorious times of the Italian football clubs remained in the nineties and 2000s. Then the teams of Serie A stably reached the finals of the Champions League and won there. After the mass of match-fixing matches in the Italian championship was revealed in 2006, Milan and Inter Milan once again won the Champions League, but the interest of the audience towards Serie A dropped significantly.

Now the Serie A takes the 4th place in the UEFA coefficients table. Unfortunately, this is an objective rating, now the La Liga, the Bundesliga and the Premier League look not only stronger, but also more spectacular. Serie A on its background looks boring, although it has a lot of its admirers, not only in Italy, but also far beyond its borders. The attractiveness of Serie A is certainly inferior to many national football championships.

In Serie A there is an inimitable atmosphere and a certain charm, but professional players for the most part avoid odds for this championship. Reputation is easy to lose, and it will take several decades to get it back.
Some money has appeared in Serie A in recent years, which gives hope for the return of the Italian league to the former level. So far only Milan clubs, which were bought by Chinese billionaires. But the revival of titled Milan and Inter is already a change, and if we add to this the progressive Roma and Napoli, as well as the steadily flourishing Juventus, then we will get a quite interesting championship. Well, we should not forget about Lazio and Fiorentina.

Everything flows, everything changes, including in football. Football is dynamic, for that we love it, there are constant changes. But some people live in the past, hence a lot of cliches. If we talk about Serie A, we can distinguish three concrete stereotypes:

- Serie A is full of contractual games. There are really suspicious matches, but where are they? They are everywhere, this is reality. The times of “Calciopoli" are behind.

- Low productivity. The era of the great Italian defenders ended with the retirement of Maldini and Nesta. Last season, the Italian Championship was the most productive among the top European leagues.

- Juventus always wins. No team can always win, including Juventus. To bet blindly on the victory of the Turin is a true drain of money on a long distance. A much more promising bet is one against Juve.

Do not live in the past, do not clog your mind with stereotypes, enjoy Serie A football and earn on bets with the help of Extra.Bets team predictions for the Italian Football Championship.

Serie A Live Table

Live Table

20 teams play two matches each (for 38 matches). According to the results of the season, the first three places are selected to the Champions League, and 4-5 places fall into the Europa League. The last 3 teams leave Serie A (they are replaced by the 3 best teams of Serie B).

The most titled teams:


Series A stands out from other Big Five leagues with low performance.  A lot of goals here scores only Juventus due to the fact that the head is stronger than other teams, as well as Napoli because of the attacking manner of the gameplay. Serie A is called a boring tournament, since almost all the fans love most of the abundance of goals in football.

Very often at the end of the season, outsiders play an impressive series of matches, which seems to suggest a contractual nature of the meetings, but most likely the case is in the fantastic spirit of the teams. To see Milan, Inter Milan or Roma after 5 rounds in the relegation zone is a familiar picture for Italy. So beware of betting on favourites at the start of the championship. Outsiders in Italy are more militant than in Germany or Italy. It is also worth noting the crazy support of the fans in Italy, despite the rather mediocre attendance (in comparison with the Bundesliga or the Premier League). This is reflected in the gameplay of teams, as almost all the clubs in Italy gain their points at home.

In Italy, there are three major derbies (Turin, Milan and Rome), and there is also an Italian derby between Juventus and Inter. In such matches it's hard to do the right analysis, as much depends on the mood of the teams. It's also not clear why the problem of match-fixing disappeared from Serie A, so beware of late-season bets in games where one of the teams decided all of their moves.
If you look at the list of winners of the tournament over the past 30 years, it is clearly visible that in it the era of Milan, Inter and Juventus consistently followed each other.

Now Serie A is ruled by Juventus, who has already become the champion for the fifth consecutive time. The next two years you can safely bet on the victory ofJuventus even before the start of the season.
Now the team is objectively stronger than its rivals and on the horizon there is not a single team that could compete with Turinians.

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