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As with all major leagues, also for La Liga predictions, Extra.Tips offers you an exclusive and quality product: predictions studied and proposed by our trusted tipsters.

The big ones, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico are in the spot light! La Liga is one of the most amusing championships in Europe where often, thanks to the top teams, there are overwhelming or even exact results. It will therefore be the task of our tipster as always to indicate the most convenient odds, day by day.

Many fans prefer the Spanish La Liga Premier League because of the fact that in Spain the issue is only which of the 2-3 permanent teams will become the champion. The football championship of Spain is a very interesting and fascinating one, which will be pleasant to fans of odds because of low margin of bookmaker offices. It can not be called easily predictable, but you can get a lot of up-to-date information from various sources, which will help you make the right prediction for the game.

The Spanish championship can not boast of such financial power as the Premier League, but this does not prevent La Liga from competing with the English championship, and clubs from Spain - to remain the most successful in European competition. Barcelona, Real and Atletico will still be on top, but without these grandees there are enough decent teams: Sevilla, Villarreal, Celta, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Valencia and others. The underdogs of La Liga will do everything possible to stay in the top division. The struggle for survival will last until the last rounds. But someone still has to say goodbye to the elite.

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Stable results of Spanish clubs on the international arena speak about the level of the championship. Over the past 10 years, the La Liga teams have won 5 times in the Champions League and 6 times in the Europa League.

20 La Liga teams play each in two matches. According to the results of the season, the first four places are selected to the Champions League, places 5 to 7 fall into the League of Europe, and the last three teams drop out to the lower division (Segunda).

The most titled teams:

Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid

The popularity of these matches is very high, therefore the largest bookies list 200-500 markets for each game. La Liga is an effective championship, so the TM 2.5 here has lower odds than in the Premier League or Serie A. Even if you look at the statistics of this season, only four teams out of 20 on average score less than 2.5 goals per game.

Most novice players prefer to bet on matches involving Barcelona and Real, but it's almost impossible to win in such markets.

The large amounts of bets on these matches make it necessary to compare the information about the teams more carefully, so the odds are given very accurately, and here you can find the droppings only with Live stakes.

If you decide to make seasonal bets on the La Liga, then you need to look for the undervalued odds in the matches of the middle ranked teams and outsiders. Spain is a country with a homogeneous nation, but in fact there are many peoples living here who have a complex history of relationships.

   Basques and the Catalans have long hatched plans for leaving the kingdom, so in the matches between their teams and the Spanish teams only a fierce struggle can be expected. Also do not forget that in addition to El-Classic in the La Liga there are Madrid, Galician, Seville, Catalan, Basque and Levantine derby. In such matches, teams play to win even when the season is already lost.

A few years ago, the malignant called La Liga the championship of the two teams and in many respects they were right, since after the victory of Valencia in the season 2003-04 nine times in a row the title was played between Madrid Real and Catalan Barcelona.

In the season 2013/14, Atletico Madrid was able to get ahead of both clubs and became a champion. After an unsuccessful following season, Atletico again entered the fight for the title and before the penultimate round had every chance of becoming a champion, but stumbled in the match with Levante.

In any case, we can confidently talk about the emergence of a "third force" in Spain.

In the next 5-7 years, for sure, these 3 clubs will play the championship among themselves. Too big financial gap between them and other participants in the championship.

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