The Average Player Height in Premier League

14 May 2019

The average height of players in Europe’s 31 top teams was observed to be a little under 6 feet (182.1cm). It has been observed in a study that the average height of players in a team does not determine its success. Players do not necessarily have to be very tall to play better or score more goals.

The teams that have been on the shorter side in terms of height in Premier League are Manchester City and Everton. Other noticeable teams who are giants in their own league like Barcelona, Lyon and Sevilla have also been recorded as shorter teams.

Huddersfield on average has taller players than most teams in Premier League. Schalke and Roma benefit from taller players as well.

Although managers prefer taller players for their reach and ability to head the ball easily. Shorter players are mostly known for their pace and play-making.

The tallest goal scorer for the Premier League’s season of 1992-1993 was Teddy Sheringham who was surprisingly 6 ft 1 inch. Interestingly the 14 of the top goal scorers for the same seasons were taller than 6 feet, which is evidence enough that taller strikers have been successful.

Current Tottenham Hotspurs captain and main striker, Harry Kane is also 6 feet 1 inch but not much players or goal scorers are above six feet. Only Romelu Lukaku of Manchester United and Alvaro Morata of Chelsea stand taller than 6 feet.

Average height of players in Premier League

Let us look at the average height of players in different clubs in the League.

1.    Watford -- 185.4cm

2.    Huddersfield Town -- 184.7cm

3.    Crystal Palace -- 184.0cm

4.    Chelsea – 183.6cm

5.    Manchester United – 183.5cm

6.    Wolverhampton Wanderers – 183.4cm

7.    Arsenal – 183.3

8.    Southampton – 182.9

9.    Tottenham Hotspur- 182.9cm

10.    Newcastle United – 182.9cm

11.    Burnley – 182.7cm

12.    West Ham United – 182.7cm

13.    Brighton and Hove Albion- 182.6cm

14.    Leicester City – 182.4cm

15.    Fulham – 182.1cm

16.    Liverpool – 181.8cm

17.    Cardiff City – 181.7cm

18.    Everton – 181.5cm

19.    Bournemouth – 181.2cm

20.    Manchester City – 179.7cm

Now let us look at some of football’s tallest and shortest players.

The tallest players

   • 26-year-old Danish footballer Simon Bloch Jorgensen is easily football’s tallest player. He stands at the top of the list of tallest football players with a massive 2.10m (6ft, 10.6in) height. He currently plays as a goalkeeper for Dulwich Hamlet.

   • Scottish footballer turned manager Paul Millar and Belgian footballer Kristof van Hout who appears for Westerlo as a goalkeeper both have a 2.08m (6ft 10in) height.

   • Danish goalkeeper Tonny Brogaard is one of the tallest football players with a height of 2.06m (6ft 9.1in)

   • Chinese football player Yang Chingpeng who currently plays in Chinese Super League for Henan Jianye and Croatian goalkeeper Vanja Ivesa who plays for NK Opatija have the same height of 2.05m (6ft 8.7in). Their height easily puts them under the list of football’s tallest players.

   • Aalesund star footballer Tor Hogne Aaroy shares the same height with Irish goalkeeper Jason Mooney. Both the footballers are 2.04m (6ft 8.3in) tall.

   • Watford’s Costel Pantilimon, Újpest FC’s Lacina Traore, AC Horsens’ Mikkel Mena Qvist,  Kristiansund BK’s forward Oyvind Hoas, Norway’s footballer Even Iversen, and former footballer Kjell Petter Opheim all share the same height of (6ft 7.9in)

   • Austrian footballer Stefan Maierhofer is 2.02m (6ft 7.5in) tall, along with footballers Nikola Zigic and Jan Koller who stand tall among football’s tallest players.

The shortest players

   • Barcelona’s star Lionel Messi is one of the finest footballers out there; he is also one of the shortest players with a 1.7m (5ft 7in) height.

   • Bournemouth's Ryan Fraser, Gimnasia’s Franco Niell, Krasnodar’s Joaozinho, and former England U21 defender Alan Wright fall under the list of shortest players with the height of 1.63m (5ft 4in)

   • Retired Mexican footballer Elgabry Rangel, Brazilian striker Carlinhos Bala, Ecuadorian footballer Christian Lara are of the same height i.e 1.62m (5ft 3.7in).

   • Argentine footballers Juan Cuevas and Diego Buonanotte both stand with the same height of 1.61m (5ft 3.3in)

   • Shepshed Dynam’s Levi Porter and former Juventus player Rui Barros have the same height of 1.60m (5ft 3in) and land among the shortest players of Premier League.

   • Argentine player and New York City F.C’s attacking midfielder Maxi Moralez has the same height as Querétaro F.C’s forward Daniel 'Keko' Villalva. Both the players are 1.58m (5ft 2.2in) tall.

   • Brazillian footballer Madson who currently plays as a midfielder for Centro Sportivo Alagoan has the same height as South African footballer Benedict Vilakazi. Both men are 1.57m (5ft 1.81in) in height.

   • Former midfielder Jafal Rashed Al-Kuwari who played for Qatar national team is only 1.55m (5ft 1in) in height. However, his height did not restrict him from having a great career. He has played 51 times for his national side.

   • Polish player who currently plays as a midfielder for Miedź Legnica Marcin Garuch stands at 1.54m (5ft 0.6in) with Brazillian footballer Elton Jose Xavier Gomes who has the same height.

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