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Fenerbahce have played 18 matches so far this season in the Super Lig 20/21. Out of those games they have managed to win 12 of them. This has given them a win percentage of 72.22%.

This shows that their excellent performances have been rewarded with the wins that they deserve. Sitting in 2 they are in a strong position to have a good finish to the season.

Part of the reason for their success is their ability to outscore the opposition. This is shown with their goal difference of 16. The ability to keep out the opposition is a vital part of winning football matches but it does require the ability to score goals at the same time. Fenerbahce have managed this with aplomb and it shows with the number of goals conceded sitting at 22 and their goals scored column showing 38.

With a goal scoring record of 2.11 it is no wonder that Fenerbahce have managed to make the season such a successful one. They have managed to achieve more than what their fans expected at the start of the season and if they keep up their current performances then they are likely to keep it up.

Over their last five games they have managed to win 12. This shows that they are in excellent form and this combined with their total win percentage of 72.22% means that they are well placed to finish the season with a strong run.

They have managed this while still being relatively porous in defence. They have conceded 22 goals in just 18 games. This shows that success if not always built on a solid defence, and sometimes teams are just able to outscore the opposition, like Fenerbahce do.

Their goal scoring prowess is a vital cog in the machinery that has put them into such a good league position. So far they have managed to score 38 in just 18 games. That means that they score 2.11 per game. Their regular ability to score goals means that they always have the ability to win games, no matter who they are up against.

Taking all of these stats together explains why Fenerbahce are currently having an excellent season. Barring any catastrophic injury worries there are no reasons why they shouldn’t continue their excellent form and have a strong end to their Super Lig 20/21 season.

Stats for Super Lig 20/21