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2. Liga 19/20 Overview

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Current Kapfenberger SV 1919's team comprises:


  • Christian Petrovcic
  • Patrick Krenn
  • Mario Zocher
  • Franz Stolz


  • Alexander Steinlechner
  • Ivo Antonio Kralj
  • Dominik Kotzegger
  • Amar Kvakic
  • Christoph Erker
  • Paul Sarac
  • Christoph Graschi
  • Milos Dzinic
  • Michael Lang
  • Daniel Fischer
  • Johannes Felsner
  • Jorge Pesca
  • Lazar Aizenpreisz
  • Jan Thurner


  • Ivan Grabovac
  • Kristijan Makovec
  • David Sencar
  • Dario Potrosko
  • Leo Mikic
  • Matija Horvat
  • Lukas Skrivanek
  • Davor Bratic
  • Samuel Oppong
  • Sebastian Paier
  • Daniel Racic
  • Philipp Seidl
  • Levan Eloshvili
  • Ibrahim Bingol


  • Trim Krasnici
  • Paul Mensah
  • Adin Omic
  • Marvin Hernaus
  • Giuliano Milici
  • Leke Krasniqi
  • Illya Zubkov
  • Brajan Grgic

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Kapfenberger SV 1919 Squad


No standings for the selected season.

Kapfenberger SV 1919 Stats for 2. Liga 19/20

Position Matches Played Matches Won Matches Drawn Matches Lost Matches Scored Matches Conceded
3 7 0 1 6 7 20

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