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Tennis Betting Academy

2018 Sep 6


Tennis bets have a number of advantages over other sports, such as football, hockey or basketball.

First, the most obvious of them, is that it's easier to analyse the psychological state, the shape and personal meetings of tennis players. After all, not counting pair matches, the game goes one on one, and it's easier to study the characteristics of two people than twenty-two.

Secondly, tennis matches are held virtually all the year round. This makes it possible to be more selective in choosing the odds. The more games, the greater the likelihood of finding a match that suits the strategy, or in which the familiar players will play. The best bookmakers offer a huge number of tennis betting events every day.

Thirdly, tennis is a public sport. Anyone who wants, with a minimum of effort, can get information about the right player, whether it's statistics or personal details. Facebook, instagram and twitter have become a regular part of the daily routine of tennis stars. It is from them that you can learn about the athlete's mood, health status, etc., before others. Information has always been and will be the main key to winning forecasts.

Fourthly, the factor of random errors. This means basically judges’ errors, which can very easily spoil your bet and psychological state. After all, nothing knocks out morally like a stupid mistake of a judge, because of which you lose your money. In tennis, there are almost no such moments, at all major tournaments the Hawkeye system is used, which allows you to check the actions of the judges, and on ground courts in general, you can check any questionable opponent hit.


tennis match analisys

1. The physical fitness of the player.

Tennis players often have to play tedious and long matches. Therefore, the ability to transfer loads well can determine the outcome of a particular game and predetermine a favourite. 
In order to use this factor in the forecast you need to monitor the players, how they perform after the intense matches, whether they have enough strength to play several tournaments in a row. For example, tennis players such as Nadal, Federer or Murray are famous for their physical fitness, and to hope that they will get tired is not entirely true. But Gaske or Kolshrayber, on the contrary, are not too hardy, and after long matches they are likely to decline. One of the secrets of betting on tennis is to bet against a tennis player who just won the tournament, especially if he does not belong to top-level players. It may not seem logical, but for an average player, winning any tournament requires a huge amount of effort and energy. It's not surprising if he immediately loses at the next tournament.

2. Surface of the court on which the match is played.

tennis surface

In tennis there are 4 main surfaces: it is clay, carpet, hard and grass. Consider three courts, which host the Grand Slam tournaments. Clay - a high rebound and slow movement of the ball, grass - low rebound and rapid movement of the ball, hard - stable and quick rebound of the ball. As you know, all tennis players on different surfaces play differently, and then you need to look at the statistics.
The hard court players, who are very many in the US, feel rather insecure on slow surfaces, such as the clay, but look great on the hard ones. But the so-called “clay players”, respectively, on the contrary, look more confident on the clay courts, but not so good on the grass or hard ones. Spaniards and Argentines the have no equal on clay. As for the grass, the representatives of Great Britain and Australia are traditionally strong on this surface.

3. The current game stats.

tennis stats

This factor is similar in all sports. For the analysis you need to study the statistics of the last matches of the athlete. This will help to understand the level of his playing conditions. Look at who the tennis players were playing with and how the matches were going. Whether they fought to the end or were feebly inferior.
Another secret of successful tennis bets: you do not need to analyse many matches, 2-3 previous games are enough to understand the player’s shape, which greatly facilitates correct forecasting.

4. Personal meetings of players.

Quite an important indicator, which in no case can be bypassed when parsing the match. There are players who are not very strong, but their style of play can be so unfit for the opponent that he constantly experiences difficulties or even loses. Thanks to the statistics services in bookmakers, it is easy to calculate who is an uncomfortable opponent for whom. For example, for Berdych - Djokovic, for Federer - Nadal. With the help of this information, you can replenish your budget.

5. Tournament motivation of the player.

The season in tennis lasts almost 11 months, and it's simply impossible to play well everywhere. For recreation, players have tournaments for which they do not put too much strain on themselves when they do not need to protect last year's points. While for other tennis players, this is a very good opportunity to rise in the rating or to receive a prize fund.


Understanding and using different types of bets on tennis makes it possible to increase the profitability of forecasts, as in every match you can pick up the ideal variant. Let's talk about the most popular types of bets.
1. Bet on the winner of the match.
Everything is simple and understandable. The player either loses or wins, because there is no draw in tennis.
2. Betting on sets.
Each tennis match consists of several sets. Bookmakers allow players to bet on who of the tennis players will win a particular set. 
This is often used by experienced bettors, they bet on the favourite winning in the starting sets.
3. Bets with odds.
This type of betting is based on counting the games won by opponents in the match. For example, if the tennis match Djokovic - Nadal ended with a score of 6: 3, 7: 5, then in the games it's 13: 8, which means Djokovic's advantage over the games is +5. With this result, the stake on Djokovic's victory with a handicap (-3.5) will win, and with a handicap (-6) will lose.
4. Bets on the total.
Very interesting kind of odds. When it is difficult to determine who will win the match, you can bet on how many games or sets will be played.


Tennis betting is very beneficial for those who know how to correctly calculate everything, and the choice of a bookmaker is no exception.
bet365 tennis betting


What you need to consider when choosing a bookmaker for tennis betting:
1. The number of tennis events in the bookmaker’s offer. The more matches available for bets, the more chances to pick up a winning bet and replenish your bank account.
2. Availability of video broadcasts. Tennis is a very dynamic sport, and tournaments are held almost all year round. Therefore, it is difficult for players to always be in good shape. The most reliable way to assess a player's condition is to see how he behaves on the court: he dominates, runs after every ball or wagging weakly with a racket.
3. High odds. The higher the odds, the bigger the profit from each bet.

An even more correct solution would be to open accounts with several bookmakers, so as not to be dependent on one bookmaker and have greater variability.


You can have an incredible flair for betting, do a huge amount of work to find information about upcoming meetings and still lose without having a competent strategy game. Therefore, choosing a suitable strategy for yourself is extremely important, and this is one of the first things to do when starting to engage in sports betting.

Explained in plain language, the strategy is a set of rules that you need to follow in order to win.

There are many different strategies, but for a beginner it would be wise to follow the rules below:
1. Players who have gone far in the Grand Slam tournaments (open championships of Australia, France, the USA and Wimbledon) very often lose at the next competition in the 1st-2nd round to outsiders.
2. In large tournaments (the "Grand Slam" and "Masters" series), starting with the second round, the probability of the favourites winning is significantly increased.
3. A player who is not part of the elite of tennis, who won the tournament before one of the competitions of the Grand Slam, quickly loses in the "Grand Slam" itself.
4. If in the course of the game the opponents won on the set, then the decisive set is very often similar to the penalty shootout in football and it's better not to take risks - do not bet.
5. In tournaments from the Tour 250 series and Challenger Tour, local players have a noticeable advantage, even if they are outsiders, especially in starting matches.


Last but not least, let's talk about the basic rules of the game with bookmakers, because we want you to earn, not lose money:
• Choose the right and most suitable strategy for you and stick to it;
• Be able to properly manage your bankroll (allocate no more than 10% of it for a bet);
• Choose the right bookie. This is also very important, because betting on bad sites, you very much limit yourself in the odds, markets, which can lead to the loss of the entire bankroll or a strong reduction in your profits.
• Need a clear self-discipline. Psychology in betting is very important. You must be able to control yourself in any situation and sit down for analysis only with a fresh head. If there is no sustainable self-control, then all of the above points will be useless, because constant breakdowns due to losing the bet will lead to nothing good.

Our team can also help you win make some profits with our free tennis betting tips in our dedicated section !
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