The Best Livescore Page

2018 Aug 10

We put together important details on what you should look at when searching livescore offers on the Internet.
  • Speed : How fast are the results updated? The best livescores work with a delay of 20 to 30 seconds. It should be noted here, however, the different updating times of events. A match of the Football Champions League is updated faster than a substandard encounter in Asia.
  • Number of sports: The majority of live score pages are dominated by King Football. Without question, this is the most important sport. But we believe that other disciplines should not be ignored.
  • Usability: Not all the results are equally interesting for the users. User-friendly filters can be used, for example, to focus on selected leagues and competitions. It is important that the menu navigation for the respective games is self-explanatory.
  • Design: Livescore is about speed. The design of the web pages contributes significantly to the user-friendliness. A glance should be enough even for beginners to find their way around immediately.
  • Data volume: The scores of the current games are only one side of the coin. A good livescore offer also includes statistics such as head-to-head comparisons, current standings and shape curves.
  • Live statistics: The best of the providers on the market not only provide their customers with the scores, but also enter into additional relevant game details. Yellow and red cards are a must.

Livescore Sites: Why are they so important to sports betting?

The livescore pages have two important functions in terms of sports betting. On the one hand, they act as a result database with which one's own bets can be compared or evaluated. Furthermore, they provide information about the course of the game during the ongoing matches.Many sports friends will follow live scores, as the best live streams for football are unfortunately subject to a charge. It is understandable that television broadcasters want to avoid that the games they have paid a lot of money for are completely free of charge. But this is where the opportunity lies. With the livescore offers, the betting customers have, at any time, the opportunity to get tips in real time to recover some of the losses. A look into the live table is always recommended especially in the final stages of the season. Often teams need a certain number of goals to save themselves from relegation or to score other goals. Sometimes the intermediate results in the other stages have an effect on the tactical orientation of the teams.

Never-ending Football at Extratips

Football is and remains the top sport in Central Europe. This will not change in the coming years. Nothing is more interesting, more exciting and more adrenaline-pumping than an exciting football game in which you can cheer with a full heart. The mere submission of a bet can strengthen and increase this feeling many times over. Ninety minutes and more decide on the outcome of the match and the outcome of your bet. It is all the more important and beautiful to be up to date with the ever-present livescore.Most tipsters and football fans are interested in live scores. The key question here is "which league you are particularly interested in?"While every specialised website has the results of all major leagues, there may already be big differences in lower leagues.At Extratips you find all the leagues and competitions. We arranged the encounters very clearly in the right side column of the home page. At the top we present the major leagues from Germany, England, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Italy. The further course of the league table it goes on alphabetically. Overall, you will find the results and scores from over 150 countries in the live section. Of course, the junior and women's matches as well as the friendly ones are not missing either.Switching between matchdays is very easy from the Tips Calendar on top of the home page.
tips calendar
 We boast a huge database. Tables, H2H stats and even entire careers of individual players can be found on Extratips.
extratips player stats
 The handling of our site is very simple and equipped with numerous features. In the upper area, you can, for example, choose between the Live Matches and a Full List of Matches. The respective live table can be opened with a click. Furthermore, each match live center can be opened separately in a pop-up window. Here you can see all statistical details about the games.Live scores are especially important if the bookmakers offer live betting. Our livescore page is very up-to-date, just a few moments after a goal has been scored! Exact statistics and listings of the last results of the respective teams also serve as indicators that can be used to make successful bets.
  • Which team will score the first goal in the first or second half?
  • Can the team still score in the final minutes?
  • How many cards, corners and free kicks were there for your team?
  • Is the time still sufficient for the equalizer or the winning goal?
With the live centre for so many leagues you are always up to date. Live betting raises the excitement and to this contributes the football live centre, so you can react quickly and correctly.
live center

The excitement is an advantage of the Live Center, but even more important is the knowledge that can be drawn from this and since in a season every team competes against all the other teams, it is also important to know about each team and their players. In this way, you have access to the top scorers and players of the teams and you can get a sense of the typical gameplay of a team in order to prepare better for future games and bets. Especially looking over the span of a season, this overview is a priceless advantage to increase your chances at online betting.