UEFA Nations League Bets 2018-2019

2018 Sep 14

In an effort to raise prestige and level of football at the level of national teams, UEFA is organising a new tournament called the Nations League. And this means that there will be another interesting international tournament for betting for fans. Games of the first stage of the tournament are scheduled for September 6 and will last until November 20, and the final part will be held in June 2019, when the first winner will be revealed.The Nations League is associated with the qualification of the European Championships and in fact it is called upon to replace the friendly matches that are not of great interest, since, unlike the latter, they will have an absolutely clear motivation in the form of an additional chance to enter the final stage of the Euro.

Format for the UEFA Nations League

The format of this league is very atypical. 55 teams divided into 4 leagues - A, B, C and D will compete here. Thus, the forces of the competing participants is roughly levelled, because their distribution was based on the current ranking of qualifications for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Further in the leagues groups of 3 and 4 teams were also designated depending on the league - in the first two leagues there are 3 members in a group, in the third one the groups have 3 and 4 teams, and in the last league there are 4 groups of 4 participants in each. Thus, the winner of the group goes to the stage higher league, and the team that falls last is lowered - the competition is based on the principles of raising and lowering in the class.In the group stage the teams will play 4-6 games depending on the size of the groups - with each opponent at home and away. Winners of league A fall into the playoff stage, where they compete for the trophy. There will be 2 semifinals, of which winners will compete in the finals, and the losing teams will share the third and fourth place among themselves.The first playoffs are scheduled for June 2019. Earlier this year, in the spring, qualification starts for EURO 2020, and the top four teams from each league who failed to make their way to EURO through selection will have the opportunity to play there due to their success in the nations league.

UEFA Nations League 2018-2019

As mentioned above, 55 teams will play in the tournament. Since they were all divided against the rating, it is expected that the confrontations will be fairly equal and interesting. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the resulting compositions of the leagues and groups below.uefa nations league groups

Forecast for the winner of the Nations League

As for the possible triumph of the first ever UEFA Nations League, it's all much more interesting. With the end of the group stage, the fun begins.In June 2019 (exact dates are still unknown) four winners of league "A" groups will play: two semifinals and the final. The finalists, who won their groups, will play the remaining three leagues later, around March 2020. They will also compete in two semifinal matches, the winners of which will play in the final. Anyone who wins the final will get a ticket for the upcoming Euro.

Possible nuances

Top teams are able to win vouchers for the Euro-2020 by qualifying, starting in March 2019. Let us consider one of the possible cases.For example, in the playoffs of the league "B", the combined teams of the Czech Republic, Russia, Austria and Denmark made their way.
  • Russia and Denmark made their way to the finals, where Cherchesov's team celebrated the victory.
  • Assume that the Russians failed to qualify for the Euro by taking third place in the group, but having won in the league "B", the Russians are still selected for the Euro. In the league "A" all the teams were directly selected for the Euro through qualification, in this case one more place is given to the Danish national team, as the national team, who took the second place in the league "B".

Possible winners

It is difficult to predict the winner in the big league - it's unclear how this tournament will be treated by top teams, capable of making their way to the Euro through the usual qualification, the draw of which will take place only in January 2019.In League "B" two national teams are able to make it to the finals so you place our UEFA Nations League bets on Russia and Denmark.

UEFA Nations League - features and bets on the new tournament

These teams can also be selected directly through qualification, but at the moment both teams are at the peak of their shape after the recent past World Cup, showing there high-level football, and based on this, teams can quietly win their groups.The fiercest struggle will be in league "C", where strong European teams gathered, usually occupying 3-4 places. The winners of the groups are likely to be the teams of Scotland, Greece, Slovenia and Serbia, where Greece and Serbia should reach the final and already here the Greeks are quite capable of winning.In the lowest league, "D", the winners should be the national teams of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Macedonia. In the finals, the Belarusians are likely to win, as the last battle and the only opportunity to play in Euro-2020.Summing upMany controversies are caused by the newly formed tournament, but in any case, interest in the Nations League at the initial stage will be high, many teams, especially from the two extreme leagues, will fight in full, as they are the very losers who usually do not fall into the final stage of the Euro. The interest of the national teams for this tournament is also fuelled by the fact that it is financed by UEFA, the winners of the groups and leagues get a good financial reward.Time will tell how right the leaders and experts of UEFA were, creating a new tournament that replaces most of the previously played friendly matches. In any case, now there is already an increased interest in it not only from fans of football, but also from the European teams themselves. You can find forecasts for the most interesting matches within the Nations League in a special section of our website.

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In any case, whoever would eventually raise a cup over his head - this tournament will still be very rich and exciting so place your bets and enjoy !