Why it’s important to bet on several bookies

Why it’s important to bet on several bookies

2018 Apr 28

Online betting agencies have developed and evolved a lot so at the moment it is difficult to choose the best agency.
There are pros and cons for online agencies and a professional bettor will certainly choose to place bets with several online agencies. This article presents the main reasons why it is worth opening an account and betting with several online agencies.

You can always bet on the best odds

[firstcontent]Probably the biggest advantage you have when you place bets with several agencies is the odds. Having accounts opened with several agencies you can always choose the best odds for your bet. Even if the differences are insignificant at first sight, (1.45 compared to 1.40 for instance is not a big deal), in the long run any difference accumulates and you will get better profit. For instance, if we consider 0.05 variation for each odd and take into account 100 winning bets a month, the profit will be 5 units higher, which is pretty much. Some bettors settle for 5 profit units after a month and if you have accounts with several agencies you will gain this much only due to the differences between odds.[/firstcontent]

Extended betting offer

Every betting agency tries to have the best betting offer but this is hard to achieve, especially that several sports need to be covered. As there is fierce competition on the betting market, competitors come up with various interesting betting options. I recommend you should have accounts with several online agencies to benefit from the most diverse betting offer. For instance, some betting agencies offer the asian handicap whereas others will offer bets on cards, scorers, and bets such as the “correct score anytime”. Thus it is much easier to choose the winning bets following the pre-match analysis and information.

Watch live streaming of sports events

Most of the recommended online betting agencies offer live streaming services. Obviously, no operator can cover all the sporting events, they only stream live some competitions. For instance, in football, if an agency streams games from Germany and Italy, the competing agency will stream games from France and Spain. Therefore it is very good to have accounts with several online agencies, as you will be able to watch the live streaming of the desired sports event at best quality. It is not mandatory to place bets, you only need to have a positive balance of your account to watch the live streaming. You can place bets with any agency, depending on their offer and best odds you can find.

Itʼs easier to apply betting strategies

Although most of the betting strategies are consistent with the agenciesʼ rules, there are betting systems the online betting agencies do not approve. This impediment can be easily eliminated in case you have accounts with several agencies. You can distribute your bets equally among several agencies and the risk of being blocked or eliminated will be close to zero. This also applies to high rollers, i.e. those bettors who bet for very high stakes. To be on the safe side and avoid unpleasant situations, stakes can be shared among several platforms so there will be nothing doubtful about your betting style

Take advantage of deals

To attract customers online betting agencies offer bonuses on the first deposit or bet. If you open accounts with several agencies you will benefit from all these offers and, even if you have a low budget for bets, you will manage to get a satisfactory profit because you will start betting a more consistent amount. Also, online agencies have, most of the time, deals that you can take advantage of such as high odds, risk free bets, bonuses on multiples , etc. It is recommended you should bet with several online agencies not to miss such deals when they are offered. The rollover requirements are not very hard to meet so you will have no difficulties in taking advantage of such deals.
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