4 tips for live betting World Cup 2018

4 tips for live betting World Cup 2018

2018 Jun 6

Punters wonder if they can apply different live betting strategies to take advantage of in the long run when live betting on World Cup 2018. Many punters who place live bets lose their money very quickly. The adrenaline that online sports bets can provide can be addictive and this has very serious consequences at times!

Read below 4 tricks for a long-term win.

4 Live betting strategies for World Cup 2018

One of the simplest strategies you can apply to live bets on World Cup 2018 involves betting on Over 1.5 goals .

We’ll explain how the method works and what you have to do to successfully implement it:

  1.  Make a list of matches for the next day or for the next few days, giving them a good chance of ending with at least 3 goals.

  2. Do not think that you will select 10 such matches in less than 15 minutes because that would mean you did not do your homework well. The point is that you should always look at matches for the next few days and not for the current day, just to have enough time to analyse them in detail.

  3. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes for each match and possibly give each one a rating (confidence level). At the end of the analysis, keep those that seem to have the best chances of success. Try to develop your own analysis style to apply to each game so you can adjust some aspects of the method you use in order to optimise the quality of your selections.

  4. Avoid the extremely unbalanced matches of top teams, for example, the matches where teams like Brazil, Germany or France have odds under 1.20 for victory, as the odds of those matches are adjusted by traders all the time, which can translate into fewer chances for you to get good odds. As a rule, the matches you want to bet on will have pre-match odds between 1.20 and 1.40 for Over 1.5 goals.

What we recommend for live betting World Cup 2018

  • Once the day for which you have prepared a list of matches has started, the next step is to access your favourite live streaming site and app and add the selected matches to favourites. Make sure that the live streaming website has a dedicated section for World Cup 2018.

  • Then make sure you monitor the matches, because you will only be interested in those encounters where no goals are scored during the first half; think that out of your 10 matches it is possible to stay with only two to meet this criterion, so try to prepare as many matches as possible in advance.

  • You will need to have funds at online bookmakers that offer Cash Out.

  • It would be advisable to have an account with most of the bookmakers that offer good odds for live betting and eventually on a Betting Exchange platform.

  • On the break of selected matches of which score is unchanged (0-0), you will look for the bookmaker with the most valuable odds for Over 1.5 goals (you should look for odds of at least 1.50), you will bet a fixed amount you have set in advance and you will repeat it on every bet - it would be recommended between 2% and 5% of the original bankroll.

  • Then you will wait for the first goal to close the bet.

  • Basically, by using this method, you only have to place bets on over 0.5 goals, which usually have odds between 1.03 and 1.10 at the beginning of the matches!

  • If you have a good chance of choosing matches and betting a fixed amount on each match, you have every chance of earning a long-term profit.

Bet online!

If you have the opportunity to watch the match live after the goal is scored, you can choose to leave the bet open until the end when the game clearly indicates that it is possible for the score to change until the last whistle of the referee or when there is no score in the first 80 minutes because you will have a small chance of making a profit if you close your online bet at the end of the match.

  • It is very important to keep track of your analysis and online bets.

  • You should always have data to go back to so you can figure out what pulls you down and implicitly what needs to be changed in your approach.

  • Do not jump to conclusions too soon: don’t think you are applying the strategy correctly or that the method is not good unless you have placed hundreds of bets online.

  • As with any successful sports betting strategy, the results can only be seen in the medium and long-term.

  • Remember, in the short term, you will be affected by variation, that is, by various factors such as luck or bad luck, which will be neutralised after you have placed a substantial number of online bets.

This is just one of the many simple strategies that can prove to be extremely effective in live betting World Cup 2018. Remember to test new betting strategies with virtual stakes or a minimum investment until you're convinced of their effectiveness.
Finally, the best advice we can offer you is to completely avoid progressive Money Management systems, because these, combined with live bets, will bring you on the verge of bankruptcy faster than you can imagine.
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