Betting on La Liga

Betting on La Liga

2018 Jun 6

Europe has some great championships, but the most attractive for players is the Spanish one. Named the Primera Division, or, officially, La Liga, the Iberian competition is a magnet due to the weather conditions that favour it over the matches in Germany or England, but also due to Real Madrid and Barcelona where everyone dreams of playing.

La Liga was founded in 1929 and is loved by bettors

La Liga was, from the beginning, a phenomenon embraced by supporters, who quickly saw a new way of passionately spending their leisure time. It started 89 years ago with only ten clubs and stayed so until 1934. Gradually, their number grew to maximum 22, which La Liga had in the seasons 1995-1996 and 1996-1997. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Arenas Club Getxo and Real Union have been the trailblazers of La Liga. Now, this championship is very popular with the bookmakers.

Real Madrid and Barcelona rule the roost

In La Liga, we have the most titled and beloved football teams on Earth, Real Madrid and Barcelona. With all the fame of Bayern Munich, Juventus or Manchester United, nobody resists the two Spanish giants who share their supremacy in Primera. Real Madrid is the first with 33 titles won, and the Catalans are second with 24 cups in the showcase. Atletico Madrid, 10 titles, Athletic Bilbao, 8 titles, Valencia, 6 titles, Sociedad, 2 titles, and Deportivo, Sevilla and Betis, with one title each, are teams that roar at the two giants but with almost no effect on the scoring table.

20 teams Spanish La Liga BBVA

The first Spanish league has also benefited from a strong marketing strategy that made it visible all over the world. Consumers wanted a show, and so the number of La Liga teams was increased to 20. It has been like that since 1997: the season runs from August to May in the form of 38 rounds with ten matches. The top four ranked qualify for the Champions League next season without preliminaries, as was the case with teams ranked 3 and 4. The teams ranked 5, 6 and, most of the time, 7, as the Copa del Rey always went to the top teams, qualify for the Europa League. Also, the bottom three teams relegate to the second league.

The most prolific championship in European Cups

We have already listed a lot of reasons for which La Liga is one of the world's most prestigious championships, but the strength of Spanish football is in what is happening in Europe. Iberian clubs have always been a force on the continent, and figures do not lie. In decades of supremacy, La Liga has been the championship with the most European trophies, be it the Champions League or the UEFA Cup. Real Madrid is the queen of the world's strongest inter-club competition, with 12 cups won, and Barcelona brought Spain five other Champions League trophies. The 17 cups brought by the two giants make Spain the most titled country, much ahead of Italy and England, which have only 12 prizes in their showcase.
Also, the Iberians lead the Europa League, but thanks to Sevilla, who has five trophies, two more than Juventus, Inter and Liverpool, who have three. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, with two cups each, plus the Valencia trophy make ten trophies for Spain, which is the leader in Europe, whereas Italy has nine awards, England 8 and Germany only 6. With such statistics on its side, there is no need to speak further about what La Liga means in Europe.

Common bets for Spanish La Liga

La Liga is a spectacular championship, but this does not mean it is so all the time. Those who often bet on Primera know that the matches are balanced, and for this reason, the halftime/fulltime draw option is always a good idea at odds 1.70-1, 80. Of course, exceptions from this semi-rule are the matches of Barcelona and Real Madrid, which trample everything up and no score is expected in the second half. Under 2.5 goals or no team scores, especially in the encounters between teams fighting relegation, are also the right types of bets. Of course, these are just a few examples, La Liga being a championship all the bookmakers love.

Analysis of La Liga matches is critical

Information is decisive before betting, and La Liga is no exception. The absence of basic players, the shape, or the history of direct encounters may well influence a bet if interpreted correctly.  All these things can be found on our site that will analyse La Liga matches much easier.

The best bookmakers to bet on La Liga

The first Spanish league is not missing from any offer. So, the best bookmakers to bet on La Liga can be searched online. But not all of them offer the opportunity to bet on the player that is sent off, the time of the first goal, or yellow cards to be shown. Bet365 and William Hill are the most complete.

Many yellow, but rarely red cards

Indiscipline is at home in the first Spanish league. Fortunately for card betting enthusiasts, there are also referees who immediately sanction any mistake, so yellow cards are waved at each match. As an example, in the 2017-2018 season, no less than 30 players got more than ten yellow cards, and some got even more than 15.
The toughest of them are Lerma from Levante, Jaume Costa from Villareal, and David Suarez from Getafe. You will rarely see ejections in La Liga. However, Sergio Ramos, captain of the Real, and Jordi Amat, from Betis, saw red twice.

We recommend bets on scorers for La Liga

Few things are known beforehand about a championship like the Spanish one, but it’s not hard to guess who will fight for the title of La Liga scorer. Besides Ronaldo and Messi, who never missed from any of the last five seasons, Griezman and Suarez are in with good odds for top ranks or at least 20 goals in their account. Pre-season betting on La Liga scorers can be a good option for both a combo bet at the beginning of the season and during the championship, when the husk has separated from the grains.
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