Betting strategies to avoid

Betting strategies to avoid

2018 Jun 12

The idea is that each strategy works if you have the right betting style. If there was a generally valid one that would guarantee a steady income, bookmakers would go bankrupt. Some very popular betting strategies are inefficient in the long run. The riskiest is the one known as "Easy Money", in which you bet your entire budget on a "safe" match.

Easy Money?

The principle is elementary: you bet 100 euro at 1.20, and you will get 20 euro. You bet 120 at 1.20, and you earn 144, which you also bet at low odds. The problem is that surprises always appear in sports, especially in football, the favourite sport of most of the bettors. If you are lucky, you can win 3-4 bets in a row with this strategy, but the pot oft sent to the well is broken at last. In the long run, even in the middle run, you will lose all the money you have earned.

Odds are often misleading

Less dangerous, at first glance, is the Kelly strategy, where you calculate the stake based on odds. The principles of money management are based on this practice, and it is okay to relate to odds, but you have to pay attention to this: bookmakers use to display misleading and confusing odds that are not in line with the real probability of a bet to win. To avoid this trap, it's a good idea to get your algorithm to calculate the odds. Such an algorithm is checked over a more extended period, but once found, it will help you make money from online bets.

Betting strategies that require a substantial bankroll

Another very popular strategy among bettors is Martingale, whereby you double your money on every bet. If you win two out of three bets with odds of 2.00, you have a positive balance. If you win only one, you lose a stake, and if you win all the three bets, it means you can place three more bets only from the money you have earned. It looks like a good plan for those who are good at the sport they bet on. If you place an accumulator, final odds of 2.00 are obtained from two selections with odds of 1.45 each. Or from 1.30 multiplied by 1.60. There are odds at hand, especially on the days when the offer is generous. The risk is represented by the inability to sustain a longer series of unsuccessful bets. Especially in the beginning, if you do not have a big bankroll, losing 5-6 bets will kill you.
The same danger exists when you double the stake after each lost bet. We know people who wanted to apply this strategy to a team that had made the most draws in that league in the previous season. They had to admit they were ruined after seven stages in which no match ended up in a draw. We continued to track their results. The first draw came in the 12th round.

If you do not have a solid bankroll, it is good not to address the Fibonacci strategy, where the stake after each winning bet increases according to Fibonacci's numbers:

(1, 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 1 = 3, 3 + 2 = 5, 5 + 4 = 9, and so on)

Better play the roulette!

There are other strategies to avoid, such as betting only on favourites. As the odds on the favourites are low, the discussion is about the Easy Money strategy. You have to risk a lot of money to make a reasonable profit. We’re not talking about the strategy of betting on teams wearing equipment of a specific colour (usually red, because, statistically, teams in red win more often). It's a nonsense. Better play the roulette in this case or you can use our betting tips from expert tipster and have a big chance to win !
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