Champions League Predictions 2018 - 2019

2018 Jul 30

Bets on the Champions League

In the qualifying rounds, it is advantageous to bet on the advancement of favourites into the next stage of the competition. Sensations happen, without this football is impossible, but in most cases, superior teams win in a two-legged duel, since getting into the group stage is not only prestige, but also a solid financial benefit.In the group round, you should choose the under/over bets. According to statistics, more than half of the matches end with TM (2.5). The stakes on an outsider goal can also be considered an interesting option, especially in home games.It is not recommended to bet on favourites in the first and last round. In the opening match, it is possible to underestimate if the grandee is playing against a weak team. In the duels of the sixth round, the favourites can set the reserve squad, but only on condition that the team has already secured a place in the playoffs. As practice shows, the most predictable are the matches of the third and fourth rounds .In the playoffs, the effectiveness usually falls, but the previous draw denies this axiom. The best choice for betting on the stage of the playoffs is the totals of the home team and the advance to the next round .When analysing matches, it is necessary to take the priorities of teams into account. In most cases, the Champions League is listed above the national championships, but there may be exceptions. A vivid example is Napoli last season, who sacrificed the Champions League for the victory in Serie A, which they probably regretted. Also there is a habit in English clubs to take care of players before an important match of the weekend in the Premier League.

UPDATE: Complete analysis for Tottenham vs Liverpool UCL final

Types of bets on the UEFA Champions League

The variety of odds for the Champions League predictions are not limited to the pre-match. In addition to betting on the outcome of individual encounters, bookmakers also offer bets on statistics, live and many different long-term options. At the moment there are only bets on the winner of the upcoming Champions League among the long-term proposals in the bookmaker offices, but, closer to the group stage, there will be a bet on the country of the winner, the top scorer, a couple of finalists and so on, which we will certainly notify in the future.

Bets on the winner of the Champions League 2019

Why are fans crazy about the Champions League? Because every year up to 10 teams claim the trophy. The hegemony of Real is an exception, and, probably, already history. It is worth remembering that before the Zidane era, no one could even win a trophy twice in a row. High competitiveness of the championship forces bookmakers to place huge odds even on the top favourites.Manchester City has the highest chances to become the winner of the Champions League 2018/19 , you can bet on odds of 5.77 . If you remember the last season, then in the autumn, they were considered the main contender for the trophy, but lost to Liverpool in the quarterfinals.The second and third place in the list of favourites are shared by Barcelona and Juventus - odds 6.00 and 6.46.  The Catalans have entered the top three candidates for victory for the last 10 years, but in the previous draws the blue-reds failed to shine after the victorious season 2014/2015. As for the Turinians, la Vecchia Signora was previously highly quoted, twice in the last four years they were in the finals, and now the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo added weight to the champion of Italy. But the holder of the cup is only the fourth in chances. Probability of the fourth consecutive triumph of Real is estimated by bookmakers at 7.15. Close to each other, the 5th and 6th favourites of the UEFA Champions League, Bayern and PSG, are displayed with equal odds, 7.38.Liverpool is estimated at 12.00. Even lower chances are for Atletico Madrid - 13.15 and Manchester United - 14.08. Further Tottenham - 23.08, Napoli - 33.23  , Borussia Dortmund - 37.85, Roma - 45.23 and Inter - 48.00. To make predictions for the winner of the Champions League before November is suicide. As a rule, it is at the end of the autumn that it is possible to assess the potential of each team, learn tactics, strengths and weaknesses, look at the integration of newcomers and so on.If we proceed from the current state of affairs, then, in our opinion, the real candidates for victory are six:

It will be difficult for Real Madrid to defend the title, given the departure of Zidane and Ronaldo and the subsequent restructuring of the team. It is difficult to attribute odds to favourites now and Bayern Munich is unlikely to shoot in the first season with Niko Kovacs.

Atletico Madrid Champions League

We recommend to bet on the victory of Atletico Madrid in the Champions League 2018/2019. Over the past five years they were twice in the final, in the previous season they won the Europa League and have additional motivation, as the final match will be in their own stadium.

Betting on Champions League matches

Corner, yellow cards, faults, offsides, punches, selections, percentage of possession of the ball - for all these parameters of statistics you can bet today in online bookmakers on the Champions League matches.

Starting with the quarterfinals, there are more bets on the statistics of players and a lot of exclusive wagers on the statistics of the encounters in online bookmakers. Of course, the apogee comes at the final of the UEFA Champions League. 

Live betting on the UEFA Champions League

 Champions League is one of those tournaments where bookmakers, for the live mode, offer the highest odds and the widest possible list. The options for the game are less, of course, than in the pre-match, but there are many new types of bets that are not available before the start of the fight, as well as various wagers on statistics. A nice bonus of many bookmakers is the free live streaming of the UEFA Champions League matches in the highest quality


Thus, players have the opportunity to watch the game and bet in one place, which is very convenient.

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Changing the format of the Champions League 2019

Since the season 18/19 the format of the Champions League has changed, but this concerns exclusively qualification, the main grid of the tournament has not changed. Now automatically in the group stage there are just 26 teams and only 6 places remain for participating in the qualification of clubs.According to the new regulations, four teams from the top 4 associations directly qualify for the group round of the Champions League. Also a place in the main grid is guaranteed to two teams from the leagues, occupying the fifth and sixth place in the UEFA ranking. The champions of associations from the seventh to the tenth place receive one ticket as well.

Schedule of the UEFA Champions League season 2018/2019

  • Qualification of the Champions League
  • Champions League group stage
  • UEFA Champions League play-offs

Participants of the Champions League in the season 2018/2019

At the moment, there are 26 participants in the group stage, who directly made their way to the main grid. Six more matches will be played in the qualification.1. England : Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool2. Spain : Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia3. Italy : Juventus, Napoli, Roma, Inter4. Germany : Bayern, Schalke, Hoffenheim, Borussia Dortmund5. France : PSG, Monaco, Lyon6. Russia : Lokomotiv, CSKA7. Portugal : FC Porto8. Ukraine : FC Shakhtar Donetsk9. Belgium : FC Bruges10. Turkey : Galatasaray11. Czech Republic : Victoria PlzenAt ExtraTips.com we strive to provide the best free Champions League predictions and betting tips for all matches held in this competition . So don't waste your time and money, we are here to help you bet & win !