France Ligue 1 Betting

2018 Aug 2

Pre-match analysis of the first round in Ligue 1

The match at the "Velodrome" between Marseille and Toulouse opens the first round of the French Championship on August 10, and the final match will be played late in the evening on the 12th in Paris. We will analyse all the ten matches of the starting round of Ligue 1, give forecasts and look for favourable odds at the best bookmakers for France Ligue 1 betting.
France Ligue 1 Betting ExtraTips

Marseille - Toulouse August 10, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 70%. X - 20%. 2 - 10%.Forecast of the match Marseille - Toulouse 2:0. Last season, the Provencals performed ambiguously - they reached the final of the Europa League, but in the championship they finished only fourth and ended up without the Champions League. For the new season, Marcel sets the task to break into the Champions League at any cost and will do everything to start with a win. It's hard to call Toulouse a serious opponent, they almost flew out in the previous season. The team of Rudy Garcia should easily take three points.The best bets on the match Marseille - Toulouse : bet365

Nantes - Monaco August 11, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 28%. X -28%. 2 - 44%.Forecast of the match Nantes - Monaco 1:1 . The Canaries have good chances to catch up with points in a duel against the Monegasques. Monaco has greatly changed the composition, Leonard Jardim will need some time to establish a relationship among the players, Nantes can take advantage of this and please their fans.The best bets on the match Nantes - Monaco : William Hill

Angers - Nimes August 11, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 42%. X - 29%. 2 - 29%.Forecast of the match Angers - Nimes 1:2 . The favourite of the encounter is Angers, but a number of factors speak in favour of the league newcomer. Firstly, Angers played badly at home last season and became one of the worst teams. Secondly, Nimes played equally well at home and at the exit from Ligue 2. Thirdly, Nimes had much better control of matches before the start of the season.The best bets on the match Angers - Nimes : Betzest

Lille - Rennes August 11, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 39%. X - 30%. 2 - 31%.Forecast of the match Lille - Rennes 2:1 . Last season, the red and black team took the fifth place and went to Europa League. This can not be said about the Great Danes who had to fight for survival. Lille dream to regain their lost position and take revenge on Rennes for the two defeats in the previous season.The best bets on the match Lille - Rennes : Sbobet

Montpellier - Dijon August 11, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 56%. X - 26%. 2 - 18%.Forecast of the match Montpellier - Dijon 1:0 . Last season Montpellier was the grassroots team of Ligue 1 - as many as 29 of 38 matches ended with a total of less than 2.5. But face-to-face meetings with Dijon became an exception - 1: 2 and 2: 2. Perhaps the team will play again effectively, but Montpellier will certainly win.The best bets on the match Montpellier - Dijon : 1xbet

Nice - Reims August 11, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 51%. X - 27%. 2 - 22%.Forecast match Nice - Reims 2:1 . Winner of the Ligue 2 and concurrently six-time champion of France, Reims football club returns to the elite and from the first match wants to claim high places. The motivation of Nice will be no less, because this is the first official match for Patrick Vieira at the head of the team. Most likely, the hosts will come out victorious from this fight.The best bets for the Nice - Reims match : bet365

Saint-Etienne - Guingamp August 11, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 52%. X - 27%. 2 - 21%.Forecast of the match Saint-Etienne - Guingamp 1:0 . In this match, there is a very high probability of victory for the home team. Saint-Etienne, as you know, play well in their field, while the tractor drivers are also a home team and rarely score points on a visit. And the strongest argument in favour of green - Saint-Etienne won in the last five personal meetings against Guingamp on their home ground.The best bets for the match Saint-Etienne - Guingamp : bet-at-home

Lyon - Amiens on August 12, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 79%. X - 14%. 2 - 7%.Forecast of the match Lyon - Amiens 4:1 . The first ones finished the championship with a wonderful series of six home victories, which should last in the new season. Amiens is unlikely to create problems for Lyon. In the previous drawing, they did not manage to catch up with the points - defeats 1: 2 and 0: 3, and now Amiens’s star is not shining too much.The best bets on the match Lyon - Amiens : bet365

Bordeaux - Strasbourg August 12, 2018

Outcome probability : 1 - 59%. X - 25%. 2 - 16%.Forecast match Bordeaux - Strasbourg 2:0 . In the season 17/18 Strasbourg managed to keep a residence permit thanks to the points collected at home. The guests were awful - 11 points and only 2 wins, one of them was over Bordeaux in the match. Bordeaux will not be repeating the mistakes this time.The best bets for the Bordeaux - Strasbourg match : Ladbrokes

PSG - Caen August 12, 2018

Outcome probability : P1 - 89%. X - 8%. P2 - 3%.Forecast match PSG - Caen 4:0 . It is difficult to predict exactly the result of a match, as it often happens in PSG games against outsiders. The Parisians are the obvious favourites and will start with a victory, but with what difference will they win? Caen occasionally creates problems for PSG, sometimes even takes away points, and sometimes loses 0: 6.The best bets for the match PSG - Kahn : bet-at-home

Features of France Ligue 1 Betting

1. The superiority of PSG . Juventus is the Italian hegemon, in Germany Bavaria dominates, and in Paris, Paris Saint-Germain feels like a king. None of the other top championships has such a gap between the strongest club and the rest of the participants.2. Increase in effectiveness. Ligue 1 can not be called unsuccessful, because there is PSG, as well as Lyon, Monaco and Marseille, who prefer attacking and scoring a lot. The others score a little. But it is worth noting a positive trend in improving performance.3. Absence of explicit outsiders. At the bottom of the table, 8-10 teams of about the same level fight for a spot under the sun every year, and it is almost impossible to say which of them will go to conquer the Ligue 2 in advance. At the end of the season, betting on the outsiders who are fighting for survival is very profitable.4. The most popular score is 1:0 . Last season, 18% of the matches of the French Football Championships ended with this score.

Types of bets on the France Ligue 1 2018/2019

Football fans who follow The French Football Championship have the opportunity to choose different types of bets at bookmakers. First of all, the pre-match and live bets - all the matches of League 1 are present in the offer of bookmakers. Also there are bets on statistics and long-term bets. The long-term offers are not as great as we would like - only bets on the winner and the best scorer of the championship are available.

Betting on the winner of the Ligue 1 2018/2019

You do not need to be a great analyst and connoisseur of French football in order to make a forecast for the winner of the French Championship. Since PSG acquired the Qatar Sports Investments fund, the Parisians have lost only two championship titles. In 2012, Montpellier won a sensational gold medal, but it was only the first season of Nasser Al-Helaifi. And in 2017 the victory was celebrated by a powerful Monaco, which was also a big surprise.This season sensations are on the way, given the difference in class between PSG and other teams. The situation is that it is more difficult for Paris Saint-Germain not to become a champion, than to win the French Championship. This is understood and the bookmakers offer bets on the victory of Thomas Tuchel’s team in League 1 with small odds, i.e. 1.02 Betzest or 1.10 bet365.Chances for the championship winner of three other top clubs of the France Ligue - Marseille and Monaco are estimated by equivalent odds of 15.00 (bet365) and Lyon - 13.00. Then comes Rennes, Bordeaux, Lille, Montpellier, Nantes and Nice.With the outsiders, the experts of the bookmakers could not decide. In all probability, therefore, the chances of all other clubs to become the champion of France have the odds of 1001- Amiens, Angers, Gingam, Dijon, Caen, Nimes, Reims, Strasbourg and Toulouse.