Use statistics to win sports betting

Use statistics to win sports betting

2018 Jun 12

According to the latest survey, many bettors do not analyse the predictions at all before betting or spend up to 5 minutes for this activity. However, many bettors look at the latest results of the teams. Well, there is a long way from here to using statistics in your favour to win sports betting more often.

In the first place, it is essential to decide to become a skilful bettor and to give yourself some time. Okay, let's say you've already done that. Now you want to use statistics, but you do not know where to start, where and what to look for. First things first. Familiarise yourself with a few specific sites, try to learn what each person's strengths are, and which are the most valuable data for tips analysis.

You can start here at at first glance, you will find some exciting things in the right column: live matches, a full list of events, and football leagues.  Then, if you click on a game, you will notice a bunch of impressive statistics about each team. The same thing will happen if you click on a competition name, whether it is the Premier League, the La Liga or the World Football Championship.

The live results, advanced soccer statistics and tips generated by mathematical algorithms will help you quickly analyse many games statistically. Then, you only have to interpret the correct data and use it to win sports betting online.
However, besides browsing this betting data, every adrenaline enthusiast has to perform the rest of the analysis by following media channels, searching forums, and even social networks.
Statistics can also be used to discover some patterns that might help you find winning bets. There are many sports betting strategies that are based on statistics only, and some of them are set before the season starts. Basically, the bettor chooses what will bet over the next season from the start.

The problem, however, is that no matter how these tested strategies may sound, it is possible that this time history will not repeat itself and you will witness a change when you least expect it. For example, who would have anticipated Leicester to win the Premier League in 2016 after having set a negative record in the previous season, becoming the team that spent 140 days in the last place without relegating.

Of course these strategies are very risky

To benefit from the statistics, it is essential for the bettor to observe a money management strategy strictly. Without discipline, there is no performance in sports betting. The simplest and most common approach used by professionals involves betting individually with a fixed stake that ranges between 1% and 5% of their original bankroll. Betting in this way, the bettor depends on his results and will not be so severely affected in the long run.

Last but not least, it is essential for the bettor to have accounts at several top online bookmakers to be able to bet whenever the market has the highest odds and to take advantage of the best special offers and all the benefits that each top operator has to offer. For example, bet365 stands out through a vibrant and diversified offer of live bets, Asian handicap Handicap types, and the variable Cash Out feature, which allows users to close bets ahead of schedule, either on the full amount or the desired stake.

In conclusion, every bettor has to document himself as well as possible before he gets the job done. If you want to win sports betting using statistics, do your homework well and do not rush to throw money before you know what you're doing!
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