Betting on Serie A Italy

Betting on Serie A Italy

2018 Jun 11

Betting on Serie A Italy - the first league in Italy: Serie A has been one of the most powerful and most watched in the world since its establishment in 1898. Few championships can enjoy the image Il Calcio has worldwide, and this is also speculated in the betting world.

Juventus, Milan & Inter - The most powerful teams in Serie A

Serie A is a championship dominated by several traditional teams, but in the romantic years of football, other teams claimed the champion title as well.
We only mention Pro Vercelli, seven times champion at the beginning of the 20th century, Casale, winner of 1914, and Novese, the champion of 1922.
In the modern age, we can only talk about Juventus, 33 titles in the record, including the last 7. AC Milan and Inter Milan each have 18 titles.
Other strong teams with few trophies in the showcase are AS Roma, three times champion, last time in 2001, Lazio, twice champion, last time in 2000, and Napoli, also twice champion, last time in 1990, with Maradona on the team.

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Serie A has 20 teams !
The first Italian league had 18 teams from the beginning and played according to the August-May competition system in its 120-year history. However, the number of teams had oscillated in the meantime by several factors, including World War II, when it dropped to a minimum of 16 clubs in the first league.
Since 2004, when the championship was re-branded and was called Serie A TIM, there have been 20 teams with the top four qualifying for the Champions League, starting this year, and the last three relegate. Until 2005, there had been a playoff round to determine the champions, and the European Cup representatives but nothing more than the 38 regular stages have been played over the last 13 years.
Serie A, well-represented in Europe

The strength of Italian football is also given by the magnificent results of the peninsula clubs on the continent.
Serie A has 12 Champions League and 9 Europa League/ UEFA Cups, ranking 2nd in Europe after the Spaniards.
The Italians with the best figures in the first category are AC Milan, seven times the Champions League winners, and regarding the UEFA Cups Juventus and Inter are the best, both with three trophies in the showcase.

Calciopoli - the biggest scandal involving scammed bets

Italy is the country that gave the famous "Mafia" to the world, and after alcohol, drugs or gambling were hardly speculated, sports betting could not escape the manipulation of less scrupulous people.
Although there has been much talk about fixed bets during the years of Serie A, nothing has ever been demonstrated at a high level. But the bubble burst in 2006 when the Prosecutor came to Juventus, AC Milan, Fiorentina, and Reggiana, and created the Calciopoli file, the biggest blow to Italian clubs in history.
The highest price was paid by Juventus, which was relegated to Serie B, lost 9 points and the titles of 2005 and 2006 were canceled.
Luciano Moggi, Juventus owner and the head of the match-fixing system, was banned from football for life.

The most common types of bets in Serie A are those on goals

Serie A is one of the "Big" championships, and although there are some suspicions over the famous Calciopoli, it remains the bookmakers favourite.
With the Italians, one can bet on almost anything, and the variations are countless on the match days when the offer is added special bets as well.
Although the Italians have created the famous "Catenaccio," that is, the perfect defensive game, they have lost this image lately, and a lot of goals have been scored in Serie A.

Thus, both teams to score or over 3.0 are among the most famous types of bets on the Italian championship. However, punters also choose halftime/fulltime draw ( Ht/Ft ) as popular options.
We also give you an argument in this respect: 15 teams out of 20 have an average of over 2.5 goals scored in the match in the first 32 stages of the current season, which is almost adjudicated by Juventus.

Analysis of the Serie A matches is critical

As in any Championship, the analysis of the Serie A matches you are considering for betting can be the secret of a nice win.
That's because the information about players’ shape, the unavailable players or the history between the two teams can prove decisive.
For example, if you want to bet on Fiorentina - Lazio then you need to know that the Tuscanese are hard to beat especially at home, that Immobile, the actual scorer of the Italian championship, has some health problems, and Fiorentina is one of the six teams that have not lost the last five games.
Of course, luck is part of the game, but with such analyses, you can reduce the risk and optimise your chances of winning.

Bet365, one of the best bookmakers where we can bet on Serie A

All the bookmakers have the Italian championship in their offer, but we must know that some are better than others when it comes to betting on Serie A.
On a short analysis, however, we notice that bet365 is a little bit different from the rest, for many reasons.
First of all, because bet365 live football streams all the matches in one stage, which you can see on your phone or tablet.
An argument in favour of bet365 is also that Serie A is continually choosing to win the Super Cup, Super Super and Super 6.
Last but not least, for most of the Serie A matches there are special bets on scorers, cards or penalties.

Famous derbies bring yellow and red cards

One of the bets won by the players are those on the number of yellow cards or whether or not a red one is shown.
Logically, the chances of this happening are at the Serie A heavyweight derby, such as Milan - Inter, Roma - Lazio, Sampdoria - Genoa, Chievo - Verona or Napoli - Juventus.
Zuculini, from Verona, is the most ejected player in the Serie A season, being sent off three times, once at the local derby mentioned above.
Radu Stefan is also one of Lazio's most undisciplined players, and Romagnoli, from Milan, was equally sanctioned, even at the derby with Inter.
So, yes, it's an excellent strategy to stick to cards at the famous Serie A derbies.

We recommend pre-match bets on Serie A

The Italian championship is one of the most predictable in Europe. This is also demonstrated by the current ranking of Juventus, Napoli, Lazio, Rome, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina in the first seven places.
Thus, Serie A pre-match bets on the Turinese champions, Rome and Napoli, in the Champions League and Fiorentina in the Europa League, could have brought excellent odds, each above 2, and it would have been easy to put some money into the wallet.
Among our recommendations are, therefore, these pre-match bets that should not be forgotten at least for the upcoming season.
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