Corner Betting In Football

2018 Jul 3

Corner Betting Tips

Depending on the bookmaker's office, the possibilities for betting on corners are different, but in most cases the following options are offered:• general and individual, total• victory on the corners• asian handicap• half with most corners• team with most corners• who will have the right to the next kick• other marketsSome clients prefer to bet before the start of the football encounter, but it is more profitable to bet live. Watching the football match with your own eyes, you can correctly assess the strength of the teams at the moment, their desire to score a goal and manner of action.

Bidding Features

Bookmakers calculate bets only after receiving official information about the number of corners in a particular confrontation. The rules of the popular bookmakers detail the conditions for calculating odds.For example:
  • " First corner "               - market it is necessary to determine the team that will first give the corner;
  • " More corners "            - you need to identify which team will win on the corners;
  • " Number of corners "  - should be determined more (or less) than the proposed value for corner kicks.
Before the bet, you need to pay attention to the strength of the teams. If the level of teams is different, then you can count more on the total number of corners. Also, you must not forget about motivation and attitude, which in football are very important. If the team needs a victory, then it will actively attack and earn corners. In the case of the upcoming games of the Champions League or the fundamental derby, the favourite club may not play to the fullest.The style of the game also depends on the number of corners: strong flanking midfielders impose a struggle for defenders, which often ends with corners, and if the game is built through a creative playmaker in the centre, the corner can not be the most powerful weapon of the team.There is an opinion that is hard to confirm, that corner kicks in football can cause a preliminary collusion between the poor teams. The number of corners does not change the situation on the field, so the contractual nature of the match is simply enough to hide. Participants in the game can bet through third parties on the number of corners and get a good profit. Such moments are hidden from the public eye, but it is impossible to exclude their existence. Stakes for corners are not only for amateurs, but also professional bettors, who develop their own strategies.


In the game of the favourite and the implicit outsider there are often situations when a stronger team slows down the pace or gives the initiative to the opponent. A competent game of defence often allows you to achieve results without additional efforts.There are other strategies for betting on corners, which can be no less effective.
For example:
In some tournaments, teams prefer to use flanks more frequently in the opponent's penalty area.A classic example is the English championships at various levels. When a team loses with a minimum score or with a small difference and actively seeks to score, then the bet on "total most corners" at the end of the match can also turn out to be winning. Quite a different situation is when the team is losing a lot and has absolutely no desire to recoup, such situations are well monitored in Live Mode.However, we should adequately assess the strength of opponents, because not every team is able to impose a fight on the favourite. The presence in the structure of strikers or defenders, excellent head players, can be the reason to earn maximum out of corner betting tips.Fast and technical flanks stretch the defence of the opponent, and the defenders are under constant pressure and often send the ball to the corner. If the team has long-range “wizards” or the strategy of the team is built in such a way as to attack more often from afar, then the corner at the opponent's gate is also not uncommon. In rainy weather, long-range kicks are a serious weapon, as the trajectory of the strike may turn out to be unpredictable, and the ball itself becomes too slippery for the goalkeeper to confidently catch it in his hands. The goalkeeper is not always able to hold the ball firmly.Football is primarily math. So, the results and the number of corners can be calculated with the help of special computer programs that analyse statistics, reveal regularities, suggesting the optimal betting strategy.


A lot of popular bookmakers offer punters to bet on the corner. The range of bets depends directly on the bookmaker. However, it is not necessary to choose a bookmaker exclusively for the sake of corner betting. It is also important to pay attention to the reliability of the bookmaker and other factors. Users who have already registered with one of the bookmakers can see the options presented on their websites. If your bookmaker does not offer the necessary markets, then you can find a suitable bookmaker on another website.You will find most corner betting markets at William Hill and bet365 and you should try their bonuses and free bets as well. corner betting tips