10 Secrets of Football Betting

2018 Jul 4

 However, it is possible to significantly increase the chances of winning a bet, get the expected profit and minimise the loss of cash. To this end, many bettors go deep into many nuances, make a detailed analysis of the match or another sporting event, developing a so-called betting strategy. A football betting strategy is a summary of rules, observations, and secrets that, with proper observance, significantly increase the probability of winning a bet and maximise the bettor’s chances to achieve the desired financial result. This detailed analysis of the match substantially increases the chances of the bettor to succeed and win.In this article, we will tell you about the secrets of betting on football that can significantly increase a bettor's chances of success, and also about the main betting rules.

Top 10 secrets of football betting

The basic rules of betting on football1. Probably, the ability to control your excitement is the most important rule when betting on sports events, which must be observed by both beginners and seasoned bettors. Every bettor must always be able to find the moment when he needs to stop. If you lost the bet, and then another, and you want to immediately throw some money to recoup - in any case, do not do it! This case should be approached with a "cold head" when you can already soberly consider the possibility of betting on an event. If you have a period like this, you just need to stop betting for a while, so that later, when you feel confident, go back and make successful betting predictions !2. Never bet hoping for high odds! You always need to keep abreast of those sports events, which you most often place bets on. If this is football, do not bet continuously on different teams and different championships, it's best to follow two or three championships, learn them in perfection, and bet only on them, so the chance increases not only to make logical predictions but also to successfully predict the match. Always view the statistics of personal meetings, statistics of past events, game form teams, the presence of injuries and disqualifications.3. There is no hundred percent certainty! Remember once and for all: in nature, odds cannot exist a priori on a 100% win basis. Even if you make a global analysis of a football match, learn along and across all statistics, game form, compositions, etc., still be sure that a 100% winning bet will not work. On average, the confidence in the result of the match is 50-60% (subject to the above rules), and very rarely can reach 80-90%.4. Do not look at the odds. We will disclose a straightforward secret: the odds are not only the mathematical odds and expectations for a particular outcome of the match but also a starting point for bookmakers and are based on statistics, other nuances and behavioural factors of their players. That is, even if the odds are minimal for a particular sports event (say 1.1 or 1.2, for example), you do not need to immediately hope for an easy win. No, it's just not as easy as you might think. Often the presence of a sporting event with such odds leads to a complete fiasco. Of course, in such situations, the team, whose victory is rated with low odds, will be considered a full favourite of the confrontation. For the other team, the odds will be higher, say, from about 2.0 and above. In this case, you need to determine precisely whether to bet at all to such a sporting event.5. As mentioned earlier, try to bet on certain championships and teams, which you often follow. Thus, you can better control all the events that occur around the teams and championships in which they play, follow the statistics of previous meetings, the tournament table, and other details. Also, it is also necessary to consider factors such as disqualifications, news from the infirmary of teams, the current game form and the schedule of matches (here the possible fatigue of the players will be taken into account ). Injury or disqualification of the defenders will significantly increase the chances for the opposing team to score a goal. Disqualification of the best forward reduces the chances not only of the number of goals scored but also the final victory of the team. Such examples can be found a lot, as well as analyse other factors that may contribute to the unexpected result.6. Climatic conditions have a serious impact on the outcome of the match. But when it is possible to analyse the approximate weather on the day of the match, it is better to do it. Precipitations in the form of rain and snow, for example, will not allow your football team to play, because it will be difficult to control the ball. If the team plays primitive football with long range shoots on a single forward, then a wet ball and a heavy field can help to a positive outcome of the meeting for such a team. Well, then you understand. Just before the match, analyse what the weather may be like during the game.7. There is no need to bet on matches that do not have an official character or do not have any tournament meaning. Such matches include friendly matches, as well as encounters at the end of the season. There is practically no logic in such matches, so counting on your knowledge, and also relying on some statistics, does not make sense. Encounters at the end of the season are sometimes difficult to predict because often one of the teams has long decided its tournament tasks (for better or worse - this is another matter) so you can expect anything (experimental composition and other surprises that are not comparable with statistics and logic).8. You need to develop your betting strategy for sports events. Fortunately, there are many such strategies for football betting (we'll tell you about them in the following articles). Let's look at some strategies for betting on football :
  • The  strategy of betting on football "On the favourites"
  • The  strategy of betting on football "Asian handicap"
  • The  strategy for football betting "Total"
  • The  strategy of betting on football "For draws"
  • The  strategy for betting on football "For certain championships and competitions"
  • The  strategy for betting on football "On corners, cards, etc.”
  • The  strategy of betting on football "Dogon"
This, of course, is not the whole list of strategies for betting on football. There is a huge amount, which we will talk about.9. Choose the bookmaker's office you trust and is popular with other players. In these bookmakers, there are no problems with the input/output of funds, 24-hour online support for bettors, medium or high odds on sports events and reputation.