Why Sports Bettors Lose

Why Sports Bettors Lose

2018 Jun 7

The bet with odds of 2.00 is a strategy that at first glance seems to be available to any sports bettors who understand the sport they bet on. You can get it from one match or you can make it from just a few selections.

What does the 2.00 odds mean? For two matches per betting slip: 1.40 x 1.45, 1.20 x 1.70 or 1.30 x 1.60. For three matches per betting slip: 1.30 x 1.25 x 1.25 or 1.15 x 1.50 x 1.20. The variants can continue, but the conclusion is the same: you do not have to be an expert in sports betting to have more winning betting slips.

Reset your sports betting career!

However, we also met unfortunate sports bettors, who lost in the long run even if they had chosen this betting strategy. There are some mistakes they did n’t want to learn from, even if they were aware of them. Here are the most serious ones. If you are a novice, it is good to write them down and avoid them. If you are an experienced bettor and find yourself in the category described above, it's time to have a Time 0. Reset your "career" and, from now on, be a winner.

The importance of staying organised for sports bettors

The main reason you lose at betting, generally speaking, is the lack of a strategy. Imagine that a team enters the field without any strategy. The coach sends 11 players to the field and tells them “you’re on your own“. No matter how good these players are, they will lose in front of a well-organised opponent with a significantly lower market value. Putting aside the fact that many teams play as if they had no plan. How many times have you not heard a coach say after the match: "The players seem to have forgotten everything I told them during the training sessions.”

Having a strategy means, first of all, proper money management:

  1. A daily betting budget that you do not exceed;

  2. The maximum stake should not exceed 10% of the budget or 5% if you have a larger bankroll.

A very simple example

  1. Suppose you place five bets with odds of 2.00 and the same stake.

  2. The first two lost and the others won.

  3. You have profit.

  4. It does not happen the same if you risk half of the budget on the first bet and the other half on the second bet.

  5. You have no money for the next three, which are going to make a profit.

Maximum 2 bets!

Another mistake is a large number of bets on the slip. You can double your money with up to three bets on absolutely permissive odds from the point of view of risk. The recommendation is to bet on single bets. When you want to hit the jackpot and win a thousand $ for a stake of ten $, make an accumulator bet. Then betting becomes gambling in the true sense of the word. There are people complaining on Facebook that they had bad luck because they did not win one match out of 14. They had a fantastic chance to guess 13 matches!

Get in the mood for betting

You lose especially when you place our bets but are not in the mood to focus on this. Either you are tired or nervous for various reasons or you are distracted. Rather than losing money on bets this way, better give it to those who really need it.

Superficiality is another dreaded enemy of the bettor. If you do not analyse a match properly, even the safest bet can be a trap.
For example: if PSG plays in the championship with Strasbourg, the newly promoted to Ligue 1, the first impulse is to put the maximum stake on the PSG victory. If you do a bit of research, you will find out that the Parisians will have a match in a few days in Champions League with Bayern Munich. You should not make the mistake of not looking at the match in depth. Strasbourg - PSG ended 2-1!

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